Alignment Wedges are lightweight and very easy to use! (Video instructions at bottom of page).

1) If you are in your car, sit in your seat and put on your seatbelt. You may also use them anywhere there is a surface that allows you to tuck them under your legs. They work great in recliners, sofas, and larger chairs – wherever there is enough space.

2) Gently tuck a wedge under each leg, with the elastic strap resting on top of your legs.

3) Adjust the elastic strap for your comfort. IMPORTANT: If you are driving, only adjust the strap while you are completely stopped! DO NOT attempt to adjust the strap while the vehicle is moving.

4) You can move the wedges up and down the outside of your thighs as desired for your comfort and ease. If you feel a tightness or pain in your thighs, you can put the wedge there. Otherwise, wherever it feels most comfortable.

5) The strap on the wedges is partly to make sure that the wedges don’t fall at your feet. Do not remove the strap.

6) Enjoy your drive!

Sometimes, if your clothing or seat cover is slippery, you may find your Alignment Wedges slipping out
from under your legs. If this happens, you can fix that problem by putting some nonslip
gripper stickers on the surface of the wedges that touches the slippery fabric.

You can also use Alignment Wedges in a variety of ways outside of driving – wherever you are sitting that has a surface you can use to hold them. Below are pictures of some ways that I used them while sitting at a training for long hours that helped prevent my legs from cramping.

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