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Have you ever been in pain, stiff, could barely walk after a long drive? That’s what was happening to me and how this whole thing started! Can you even imagine feeling better after arriving at your destination than you did when you left? That also happened to me!

Introducing a revolutionary new system to help keep your hips aligned while driving or sitting for long periods of time! It turns out, they can have other benefits too! There is nothing else like this on the market! Watch the video below, read the information, check out the links, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Watch this video to see how Alignment Wedges (formerly known as Driving Wedges) are used and can benefit you!

What are Alignment Wedges?

Alignment Wedges are an easy to use system of wedges which help to keep the hips in alignment when you are driving or sitting. Using Driving Wedges can have many side benefits, such as helping to reduce hip, knee, or back pain.

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How do you know if Alignment Wedges would benefit you?

Real quick:
*do you have pain in your legs, knees, hips, or lower back after sitting for long periods of time?
*Are you stiff and/or sore after driving for a few hours?
*Ever walk funny when you get out of your car?

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Potential Benefits

In addition to helping keep the hips aligned while driving or sitting for long periods of time, Alignment Wedges may also help to prevent hip, knee, and even back pain. Using the wedges can create a light myofascial release along the iliotibial band on the outside of the thighs. That can mean less tightness and associated pain in the thighs, knees, and hips! Keeping the hips aligned helps keep the sacrum aligned, so back pain may also be prevented. Read more here.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that I am not a medical professional. We make no medical claims, advice, or diagnosis on this website or regarding this product.

Alignment Wedges History

Alignment Wedges are the result of a massage therapist/bodyworker regularly driving long distances – and figuring out how to reduce the pain that was causing.

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I hold both utility and design patents for this product. If you are interested in licensing the patent(s) for Alignment Wedges, please feel free to contact me for more information and to discuss.